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Take a look at some of our recent photos.

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What can you see?

  • Open up the document below for a copy of the picture and questions to answer.
  • Explore the picture and then answer the questions. 
  • When you have answered the questions can you then have a go at writing the 'before' part of this story?  How did it get to this point?
  • Remember to apply all that you know about story writing, punctuation and word choices. Can you challenge yourself to use some new vocabulary?  



Image and questions

Dice Games

Take a look through this booklet of dice games.  There are some really good ones to try. You'll need to hunt out some dice to play them but maybe you can find them in other board games? Just remember to put them back! And if it says you need counters and you don't have them, then think about what else you could use instead. Pasta? Coins? Pebbles?


Some favourites of ours are:

  • Quorn on pg 25 which is similar to a game called Yahtzee.
  • Drop zone on pg 29 is good for practising multiplication facts
  • Cover the windows on pg 6 is good for rapid recall of addition facts
  • Quadroit on pg 32 is good to practise making totals by using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Awards we have achieved so far.

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