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Challenge Tasks

Science - Paper spinners

Can you try to make the fastest spinner?

Can you try to make the slowest spinner?

Can you make it accurately hit a target?

What things will you need to change?


This is a simple science activity and you will only need paper, scissors and paper clips for it.


Use this video link to help you make a paper spinner 

Written instructions on how to make a paper spinner

Blog post with further help and questions to think about 




Calling all geographers!


Can you use your knowledge and the internet to answer the questions to the following quiz?


Can you create your own geography quiz for a friend or family member to answer? Perhaps you could email it to a friend or write it down and deliver it safely (remember social distancing!) to a friend when out for your daily exercise? Don't forget, you'll need to know the answers too!


Good luck!

Maths Challenges with Gareth Metcalfe


Every weekday at 9am, two new lesson will be posted on the page above via YouTube.  Each video will help children to build the skills needed for the main task. Then children will complete the main task – a challenge or short series of questions – working individually or with adult support. These tasks can also be downloaded from this page by clicking the relevant links. Answers will be provided! The first videos/tasks will be uploaded on Monday 23rd March.

It is important to start from the 1st video and work through in order because skills will be developed and reviewed. 

Save our habitat - writing challenge


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