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Challenge Tasks

  • Write a poem about plants growing. 
  • Create a garden out of Lego or a different type of construction toy. 
  • Create a bug hotel for your garden. 
  • Create a painting, drawing, collage of an imaginary garden.
  • Write a set of instructions for keeping a park Tidy (like in Tidy the book). 
  • See how many books you can read in a week! 
  • Use Hit The Button to practice your 2, 5 and 10 x tables. 



  • We have been reading a lot in my house... how many books can you read each week?  Keep a list, email it to me so I can see what you're reading. 
  • Make a bookmark for all those books you're reading. 
  • We also have a lot of recycling items here, so I was thinking you could try and make something using junk modelling.  Remember to send in pictures. 

Maths Challenges and Games: Gareth Metcalfe


Gareth Metcalfe is publishing a series of games that can be played with children aged 5-8.  Access them using the link above and scroll down to where it says KS1.


We have been growing cress at  my house.  Could you have a go at growing your own and creating a diary?  I have included a proforma to help you. 


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