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Challenge Tasks

Maths Challenges with Gareth Metcalfe


Every weekday at 9am, two new lesson will be posted on the page above via YouTube.  Each video will help children to build the skills needed for the main task. Then children will complete the main task – a challenge or short series of questions – working individually or with adult support. These tasks can also be downloaded from this page by clicking the relevant links. Answers will be provided! The first videos/tasks will be uploaded on Monday 23rd March.

It is important to start from the 1st video and work through in order because skills will be developed and reviewed. 



Fun Challenges:


Balance Challenge


How long can you balance a book on your head?


Balance something light on your head such as a paper plate, frisbee or a small book.

How long can you balance it for whilst standing still?

How far can you walk with it?  See how many lengths of a room you can carry it for.

Sing your favourite song whilst doing this challenge.

How many squats can you do whilst balancing your object?


Extra Challenge - How many toilet rolls can you balance on your head ( if you have any)?


Paper Aeroplance Challenge

Design your own plane and see how far it can fly.  You could challenge your family and see which one can go the furthest.


You must be Joking!


Knock knock.

Who's there?

The funnel.

The funnel who?

The funnel start if you let me in.


Send me your favourite joke to make us all laugh. 


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