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The Great Bug Hunt 2020 now open for entries from home. This is a competition run by the Association for Science Education.


  • The challenge is pretty simple – take your children into the garden or any outside space you own and see what bugs they can find! 
  • Simply point them at the nearest hedges, flower beds, trees, long grass, logs, stones, rocks (well, you get the picture)... let them explore and then report back what they have found.
  • Make it into a project – if they find a spider or woodlouse, find out all about it. Draw it, examine it (carefully!), what does it eat, where does it live – maybe even write a story or poem about it, design a poster or shoot a video.

Please be sure, however, to follow government advice on social distancing and do not put yourself or others at risk. 



  • For some inspiration take a look at last year's winners


The closing date for entries is 12th June 2020.

Space Exploration 

Exploring Art - Art Jump Start Pack

Exploring wildlife with the Wildlife Trust 

Finish your home learning project exploring the Mayans:

  • Find out about the Mayan culture and how chocolate came to Europe.
  • Research how chocolate changed from a drink mixed with human blood to the delicious creamy snack we know it as now.
  • History / Science / Geography Find out about the physical geography of South America or The Mayans.
  • Art and Design Make a model or draw a picture of a Mayan temple or a jaguar etc.
  • Maths Make up some Mayan number word problems for us to try and solve.
  • ICT Take photos for your project Use the computer to help you to complete your research, use Google to find pictures.



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