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Home Learning during school closure

 The disgusting sandwich.


We have read this story and we will be writing instructions about how to make a sandwich.

Can you make a sandwich? Remember to get some help using a knife!


Write a list of all the things you would put in your sandwich or have a go at this worksheet below which asks you to remember the descriptions of the things in the sandwich in the story.



Maths this week has been working on parts and wholes of 10


 We are continuing to look at number bonds to ten using ten frames and subitizing. We have also begun to use the part part whole model to help see how two numbers added together will make 10. We are only doing this up to 10 at the moment, so we really get the hang of the model.

There is a link to a you tube clip which you could watch to help you and your family understnad it. 

Phonics -'UR' digraph

'ur' digraph from the sentence: "Nurse with a Purse" See if you can read the words in the list and then if you can spot the 'ur' digraphs in the story



 Hi again

We are having a fun week at school, I hope you are having a good time at home too.

We have been running around alot when the weather has been good, and when there was thunder and lightening today we managed to stay dry, stay safe and cosy. 

There are some maths activities I have added on here and some phonics ones to try with an adult as well.

Enjoy and we hope to see you on Zoom shortly- remember we have some assemblies you can join in from home! 



Number Bonds to 10 and then 20

Tens frame for number bonds to 10

Geraldine the Giraffe


 We have been learning the short 'oo' digraph in phonics this week.

Watch Geraldine the Giraffe for her to show you some words containing the 'oo' sound. 

oo activity

Count the blocks, write the number in the chart next to it and ask an adult to help you with finding the spelling for the number in words

Have a go at labelling the image on the sheet below and then ordering the words in the sentences

Labelling pictures with the sound 'ng' at the start or the end

Dinosaurs Love underpants

Still image for this video

The Great Bug Hunt 2020 now open for entries from home. This is a competition run by the Association for Science Education.


  • The challenge is pretty simple – take your children into the garden or any outside space you own and see what bugs they can find! 
  • Simply point them at the nearest hedges, flower beds, trees, long grass, logs, stones, rocks (well, you get the picture)... let them explore and then report back what they have found.
  • Make it into a project – if they find a spider or woodlouse, find out all about it. Draw it, examine it (carefully!), what does it eat, where does it live – maybe even write a story or poem about it, design a poster or shoot a video.

Please be sure, however, to follow government advice on social distancing and do not put yourself or others at risk. 



  • For some inspiration take a look at last year's winners


The closing date for entries is 12th June 2020.

Betty says thank you

Still image for this video

The Bumblebear

Still image for this video
Enjoy our favourite class story!

SplatthecatSHJ (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Read-Aloud of Splat the Cat

Splat is nervous about starting school. After going the first day he realizes it is okay.


 Maths, memory and problem solving:


1.Here are some patterns using some sticks.

If you look at the pattern, can it be covered and then you remember it and copy it with your own sticks (or pencils)?


Use a different amount each time, either, 3, 4 or 5 maximum and see how quickly it can be memorised and re made...the more you do it, the better you will get!

We can now look at doubling numbers


 Using a mirror and a gemstone to double your amount! surprise


Ask an adult to help you find a mirror and some coins, or gems or something you would like to have double of. Place one object in front of the mirror......can you see that because of the reflection you have two? Double the amount! now try with two and see how many you get.....


I started to have a go with some blue gemstones I found, I got all the way up to 10 doubled - so I had 20 gemstones!








Have a go at answering some of these questions:











This section of your child’s class page has been set up to support your child with activities to continue their learning during the school closure.

There will be activities in each section under the headings: Practise, Explore, Apply, Challenge. The children are used to these words during PLT.

Along with the school based work, we have included a list of Fun activities for home.

If you are looking for more, the education resource site, Twinkl, is offering a free trial for parents. It contains a wealth of materials which may interest you. To set up an account, go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS


Are you running out of books now that the libraries are closed and you are staying at home? Why not check out the Literacy Trust's Family Zone for resources, ideas and apps to help support reading.


Use the next few links to practise, apply, explore and challenge maths at home.

Jigsaw is a complete set of lesson plans, one for each week, that covers personal development, social skills and health education for children and young people aged 3-16. The aim is to equip children to understand who they are, to be healthy and happy and good, caring people. There is a strong emphasis on emotional wellbeing and mental health.
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