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Practise Tasks

Practise Telling the Time:

Can you tell the time?

*Begin with 'o' clock, then half past, quarter past, quarter to and then to the nearest 5 or 1 minute.

*Practise telling the time throughout the day. What time do you get up? Have breakfast? How long until you can work out with Jo Wicks? When will you go out for a walk? When can you have another snack?! laugh


So you can tell the time?


*Can you work out time differences? Add and subtract periods of time? If you put your cookies in the oven at 3.05pm and they need 15minutes to bake, when will they be ready? 

*Can you tell and write time from an analogue clock using Roman Numerals?

*Can you convert between different units of time? Minutes to hours, seconds to minutes, hours to days?


Don't forget the days of the week and months of the year:

Do you know the months of the year in order?

Can you spell them?



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