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Curdridge Curriculum Information

Overarching INTENT of the Curdridge Curriculum: 

The Curdridge Curriculum is broad and balanced, inspiring and challenging every child in their learning

This means that….

We want every child to:

  • have a rounded, enjoyable and memorable education
  • receive a good education which enables them to succeed in learning and life irrespective of need, prior attainment, background or circumstance
  • have access to high quality provision which meets diverse need and diminishes barriers to participation and engagement

Overarching IMPLEMENTATION of the Curdridge Curriculum: 

Our uniquely integrated curriculum has a variety of exciting and inspiring projects that have been chosen for each class by linking subjects together in order to make learning more meaningful. Due to our mixed year group classes, our Curriculum is taught over a two year rolling programme which ensures that all components of the National curriculum are taught within each Key stage. Our unique approach in the delivery of our integrated projects ensure that children are involved in their learning. Our curriculum is centred on the principles of "Thinking," "Motivation" and "Engagement" along with teaching skills for life long learning (see our CLP driving the curriculum).

We use 'responsive teaching' as our preferred method of addressing the needs of every child at the point of teaching. We have created a unique way of delivering our curriculum for English and Maths and we call this Personal Learning Time (PLT). (Other subjects may be taught as whole class lessons as appropriate.)

Overarching IMPACT of the Curdridge Curriculum:

We believe that the need of our children are met through high quality inclusive provision that 'makes a difference.' 

The delivery of English and Maths through PLT ensures that:

  • no time is wasted
  • teaching time is sharply focussed on thne needs of individuals within small groups
  • teachers and LSAs can unpick misconceptions quickly as teachers have a very god understanding of where children are in their learning; what they need and their next steps
  • independence is a strong feature in lessons; children can make decisions regarding the organisation of their learning
  • children @ CPS are active rather than passive learners; their organisational skills are strong 

If you want to know more... 

If you require further information regarding our curriculum please feel free to contact your child’s class teacher or use the national curriculum link from the DFE.

At Curdridge Primary School, we are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all of our pupils whatever their needs and abilities. Our educational aims for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) are the same as those for all children in the school. However, those who have difficulties and require additional and different provision may have SEND. For more information follow the link to our SEND page.



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