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INTENT- Curdridge Learning Power (CLP)

Overarching INTENT of the Curdridge Curriculum: 

We want the Curdridge Curriculum to be broad and balanced, inspiring and challenging every child in their learning.

This means that... 

We want every child to:

  • have a rounded, enjoyable and memorable education
  • receive a good education which enables them to succeed in learning and life irrespective of need, prior attainment, background or circumstance
  • have access to high quality provision which meets diverse need and diminishes barriers to participation and engagement

We use Curdridge Learning Power (CLP) to drive our curriculum:

The CLP wheel is used to support the school’s already embedded core values as well as develop skills that are important in order for children to become successful learners. The three words in the inner circle are what our curriculum will provide: we want children to think, be motivated and be engaged. The words within each of these are the key skills which are outlined below. These skills are embedded into school life and the school curriculum. We teach children these skills and help them develop these learning behaviours through the planned work.


Making links: To help children learn more effectively, it is good to make links in learning whether this be across different subject areas or even in a particular subject. Making links helps give children shortcuts to their understanding.

Creativity: Sometimes there are many ways to answer the same thing. We want children to be creative in their approach and to think of ‘how’ to present their work or thoughts that might be different to the teachers’ and other children’s ideas.

Planning own ideas: This is about giving the children the autonomy to plan before doing; again giving them control in completing the task.


Application: Successful learners are not only able to apply themselves to tasks and activities but are able to apply learnt skills to new situations.

Perseverance and resilience: In order to be a successful learner, children need to be able to show perseverance in what they do; to not give up and keep trying whilst recognising that things will not always go their way. Resilience is the ability to accept knock-backs but be able to brush yourself off and start again!

Exploration: Successful learners are those who are keen to explore, ask questions and to take their learning further. It is about being excited about learning and wanting to find out more.


Involvement and concentration: We want children to be motivated by their learning through exciting topics and activities that we plan for them. If children are involved and concentrating, it shows that they are enjoying learning.

Challenge: If we set activities at the right level, children will feel challenged in their learning. By being challenged, children will learn new skills and feel greater satisfaction in what they have achieved.

Independence and interdependence: This is about children knowing how and when to work alongside each other whilst also knowing when to work alone. Good learners are able to adapt their skills to work independently or a in a groups situation.

Children showing independence and interdependence


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