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Science at Curdridge


Science at Curdridge provides opportunities for children to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live, both through practical experience and from other sources of information.

We encourage the development of positive attitudes to science, building on our children’s natural curiosity and helping them to develop a scientific approach to problems. Curdridge provides children with an enjoyable experience of science so that they will develop a deep and lasting interest and may be motivated to study science further.



Science is taught through “hands on“ inquiry-based lessons using a variety of teaching styles with the aim to encourage the children to ask questions and to explore ways in which these questions can be answered through investigation.

Children are taught how to make predictions, plan investigations, keep tests fair, use equipment safely, measure and record their results, draw conclusions and present their results. Throughout each stage of their scientific journey, the children will build upon their existing knowledge and skills as part of a carefully planned progressive curriculum.

Science units may be taught stand alone but where appropriate they may link to our integrated curriculum approach.

For example, in Reception, you will see carefully planned opportunities enabling the children to discover and investigate science freely both indoors and outdoors. By responding to the children’s fascination in the world around them and through observing, asking questions and actively engaging in play, teachers begin to develop vocabulary and allow time for pupils to explore.

In Class 2, you might find children observing and describing seeds and asking and investigating questions to find out what plants need to grow and stay healthy during their 'Plant Doctor' project. Moving further up the school, Class 3's 'Lost in Time' project sees them learning about the Stone Age alongside exploring different properties of rocks with simple comparative tests. Whilst in Class 4, children learn to use secondary sources of information to explore and learn about the solar system during their 'Infinity and beyond' project.
We aim to further develop children's enthusiasm for science through British Science week, STEM challenges, visitors and educational trips.



  • Pupils work shows progress in knowledge, vocabulary and skills throughout the school
  • Lessons show that pupils can ask relevant questions and reflect upon their findings
  • Pupil voice surveys show that pupils are enthusiastic about their learning 
Find below our overviews for each class. There is a cycle A and cycle B for each class due to us working on a 2 year rolling programme.

Class 4 Planet Show with Wonderdome

May the force be with you - class 3 exploring toys and the forces used to make them work

YR space projects are out of this world!


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