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How to be a volunteer

We are lucky that Curdridge Primary School is a fantastic village school however, because of its size, it means that there are a limited number of parents that we can call upon to help organise and run our events.


Parent help is essential for the success of the CSA and we never take that for granted. 

If you would like to know more about the CSA and what is involved, please contact us at


How can I help?

If you would like to be involved with the CSA, you can choose to become a friend-of-the-CSA or you can indicate your interest in joining the Committee as a Committee Member. 


What is involved?

If you choose to join the Committee and are appointed as a general member, you would need to attend committee meetings as often as possible.  We usually hold at least one committee meeting a term and our Annual General meeting is usually held in October.


If you decide that you would like to join us as a friend-of-the-CSA, you can choose which events (if any) you would like to assist with and give as much time as you choose to give.  There is no expectation from the CSA that you commit a certain amount of time, only what you are willing and able to spare.  You do not have to attend committee meetings but are welcome to do so if you wish.


What jobs can I help with?

There are lots of different jobs that need doing depending upon the nature of the event that we are running.  They can include helping to sell tickets, running a stall or activity, helping to prepare or serve refreshments, supervising children during an event, taking tickets at the door (film-nights and disco’s), helping to set-up before or clear away after an event.  No event runs for any significant length of time and no job is particularly strenuous - except maybe putting up the gazebo for santa’s grotto – it took four of us and a few giggles before we got it right this year!  We work hard to ensure that everyone who helps gets a chance to enjoy the event with their children as well.  The saying “Many hands, make light work” definitely applies here!


What’s in it for me?

You get to meet other parents and their children, create new friendships and enjoy the social element of having a child at school.  Not to mention the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to raise funds which will benefit every child who attends Curdridge Primary School.


I am unable to volunteer, how else can I help?

If you are unable to spare the time to volunteer, you can still help raise funds by attending as many of our events as you can and by registering with The Giving Machine to raise funds for free by shopping online (further details can be found under the CSA page of the school website).  If you have your own business, you can consider sponsoring an event or donating a raffle prize.  If you work for an organisation who offers match-funding, you can approach them about raising funds for the CSA (further details on the website).  Anything that you can do to help is always appreciated.


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